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Debt collection


Companies need constant follow up of their account receivables in order to avoid the undue extension of financing terms and the increase of their Liabilities. Enforcing adequate corrective measures before the default and the loss of the possibility to recover debts is therefore essential.

Large utilities and sales corporations have opted for outsourcing the Collection of their Debt Portfolios, entrusting this task to Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen. In effect, the Firm’s Debt Collection Division handles large-scale account receivables and after due debt portfolios, and manages Client Assistance Centers.

Answering to an emerging need in the market, the Firm developed this new Division, functionally independent from its other departments, exclusively devoted to the massive handling of account receivables and Client Assistance. This requires a wholly computerized infrastructure, integrated with the Firm’s corporate clients’ data bases, for constant follow up and updating.

The Firm’s state-of the-art Call Center carries out such complex tasks as Interactive Automatic Telephone Mailing, Telemarketing and Management of Client Assistance Centers.

Every task performed is promptly registered in the Firm’s data bases, which can be accessed by corporate clients via the Internet, to update their own records on the operations performed in real time.

By offering its corporate clients different tools and options for the management of their portfolios, Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen obtains a detailed information on the actual consistency of these portfolios, which allows efficient management of these portfolios and the possibility to project corporate operations on the basis of reliable and updated data.

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