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In Argentina

Vitale Manoff Feilbogen has developed a network of own and associated law in offices throughout the country. This allows us to serve the needs of our clients both in the main commercial and financial centers, where much of the decision making happens, as well as in less central locations, where the production takes place.

Although Buenos Aires is the heart of business in Argentina, our experience has showed us that we musts also look out to geographical decentralization. In fact, our solid presence in the inner provinces of the country makes us familiar with the economies of each region, obtaining thus a real picture of the particular production and the relative needs of specific legal advice. The work experience gathered at the various locations we cover in Argentina increases our possibilities to provide better professional services.


Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen has established solid professional links with many important law firms in the countries with which Argentina maintains its main commercial and investment relations.

The creation of MERCOSUR - the South American Common Market, which in its preliminary stage includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – has increased the commercial exchange between the member countries: a gateway to great economic perspectives for the future.

The new economic and legal policies adopted as a result of MERCOSUR affect our clients and require our attentive and updated advice, which we supplement with the cooperation of a network of firms that represent the Firm in the other Member countries.

Argentina has a tradition of close links with the rest of the Latin American countries, as well as with the rest of the world, and so does Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen, keeping fluent professional relations with important professionals in the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen has head offices in the City of Buenos Aires and a network of owned and associated buffets covering all the Provinces of the Argentine Republic. Our staff is made up by specialists in all the areas of the Law, Finance, Accounting, Computers and Marketing and specialized administrative personnel.

Vitale Manoff Feilbogen provides a wide variety of services to companies and individual clients from different sectors in trade, industry and finance.

Our main objective is to give each client a personalized service of the highest quality, focusing on their specific needs. Creative and complex solutions may only be provided in a context of a traditional conception professionalism combined with dynamism, continuous updating and modernization of the equipments and development of the firm as a whole.

VMF - Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen
Viamonte 1145 piso 10 of. A
(C1053ABW) Buenos Aires
República Argentina
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