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Structured finance - Securitization


In 1995 Argentina adopted laws that opened up the market of Asset Back Securities.

Because members of Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen were trained in renowned European and American Universities and specialized institutions, the Firm was called to provide specialized legal advise on Structured Finance and Securitization during the making of the new legislation. Since then, the Firm has occupied a prominent place in the development of this market in Argentina.

The Firm has advised different types of Originators on feasibility of their assets for securitization. In effect, building companies, Governmental agencies (housing projects), banks, insurance companies, Provincial governments, Credit Card Companies, Oil and Gas and retailers companies are among the Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen’s clients. Asset class included, among others, credit card vouchers, exports receivable, mortgage-backed securitisation, tax and royalties payments and structures with preferred creditors status like the International Financial Corporation and Inter-American Bank of Development.

The Firm has conducted numerous due diligence processes for national and International rating agencies, for the assignment of national and international ratings.

Members of the Firm are active participants in renowned international organizations, and regularly attend congresses and seminars, keeping up to date on market trends. Members of the firm have been invited to lecture and write in as prominent forums as Frank Fabozzi/International Management Corporation and the International Securitization & Structured Finance Report.

The Firm boasts a highly specialized group of professionals that can assist clients in the various stages of the securitization process. Originators, issuing entities, credit enhancement providers, rating agencies and Governmental supervising authorities have found in Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen an expert with sound knowledge of the applicable laws and of the taxation, accountancy and regulatory implications of each kind of transaction.

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