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Business and Telecommunications Law



  • General advice about the company’s day by day with interaction of this area with others like litigation, intellectual property, labour law, collection and corporate law.
  • Legislative updating of the sector of interest.
  • Writing and negotiation of the terms and conditions of publicity and marketing contracts.
  • Writing and negotiation of the terms and conditions of the contracts related to services clients.
  • Legal advice and elaboration of strategic alliances and integration of services suppliers.
  • Active participation in the production of new products and services to be offered to final clients.
  • Building of contractual relationships with agents and distributors.
  • Writing and negotiation of comprehensive agreements for the provision of equipment.
  • Consulting on contractual structures related to multinational financing.



  • Writing, handling and prosecution of License applications, frequencies and registration of new services before the Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (National Telecommunications Commission).
  • Negotiation of Technology Provision Contracts.
  • Permission handling before the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (City of Buenos Aires Government) for the development of works in public highway regarding to main laying.
  • Writing and negotiation of optical fibre renting agreements and/or the use of any other kind of technology.
  • Legal advice on contractual relationships related to the rights of the different buildings roof on which equipment is installed.
  • Consulting and negotiation with carriers with whom there is linking.
  • Representation of the company in the different chambers of its interest.
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